Are Pigeons Dangerous To Humans?

Are pigeons dangerous to humans? This is a very legitimate question, especially since more and more people talk about the diseases these birds can carry with them. The main source of disease, in the case of pigeons, is their feces, where certain germs find a proper environment to stay dormant, until they reach a human host. Most of these germs can cause severe illnesses in humans, which is why it has become quite a matter of public health concern to deal with the birds in an efficient manner.

For people that worry about pigeons dangerous to humans, taking care of their own private properties is of the utmost importance. Using repellants and poison seem like convenient solutions, but the truth is they are far from being what they are pegged to be. Killing the birds and letting them rot on your property can lead to further spread of possible diseases. Instead, you can adhere to more humane solutions that leave the birds unharmed, while protecting you and your property. If you and your family do not get to inhale the spores in the bird feces, you will not be exposed to the diseases, so you only need to keep the pigeons away, through netting, special spikes and shock tracks.

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